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Video surveillance offers excellent protection for even the most demanding needs in all industries. Whether it’s a home, an office, a business complex or even a housing estate, we can advise and arrange a suitable solution. Quality, advanced features and high performance don’t always come with a higher price tag and with excellent manufacturers, we ensure the best choice for you. We can offer you UNIVIEW, DAHUA, etc.

You can choose your own solution, or call us or contact us. Contact for advice.

IP kamere
IP snemalnik

8 kanalni H265 samostojni snemalnik, 8xPoE, 80Mbps, Uniview

352,58  z DDV
8 kanalni IP samostojni snemalnik s 8xPoE napajalnikom, 80Mbps, Uniview. Podpira kamere...
IP snemalnik

4 kanalni H265 samostojni snemalnik, 4xPoE, 64Mbps, Uniview

230,58  z DDV
4 kanalni IP samostojni snemalnik s 4xPoE napajalnikom, 64Mbps, Uniview. Podpira kamere...
IP kamere IPC3614SB

4MP IP zunanja kupolasta kamera 2.8mm z WDR PRO, 30m IR, IPC3614SB

237,90  z DDV
4MP IP kamera za varovanje doma, poslovnih objektov. Širina kota: 101°, Podpira:...
IP kamere IPC3614LE

4MP IP zunanja turret kamera, IPC3614LE

193,98  z DDV
4MP IP kamera za varovanje doma. Širina kota: 105.3°, Podpira: Micro SD,...